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For the First Week of Advent

The pilgrimage of Advent has begun. With four weeks to once again make our way to Bethlehem, we enter this holy season full of waiting and wonder. Here's some of my artwork and poetry inspired by this first week on the journey.

Artwork by Todd Pick

"In Hope of Love's Returning"

earth’s axis tilts and daylight leans

with shadows long and sweeping

toward 14 hours of night

(and counting)

colors of golden gratitude turned

from fall’s final flourishing

to fields in fallow waiting

heron blue, bleached bone and umber

the earth a well-worn patchwork

sleeps once more

in hope of spring’s returning

without, as darkness yawns

all creation waits

with bated breath

as holy time begins again, within

20 days 'til birth

(and counting)

dusty souls in need of sweeping

build highways to the heart of hearts

behold! a rose springs forth

in barren land

make room again for Love’s returning

sowing wonder, planting beauty

let cathedrals bloom with every footfall

begin again the work of letting go. . .

of 'let it be'. . .

of becoming

the bearer of God

keep watch! stay awake! prepare!

a new creation




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