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Todd Pick liturgical art

Liturgical Art by Todd Pick

Word Made Image

Pastor. Painter. Poet...

Workshop leader. Worship consultant. Writer... 

Rev. Todd Pick is an ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church, currently serving in Central Texas.

With a passion for creating liturgical art that supports and enhances the act of corporate worship, he teaches, writes and thinks deeply about the intersections of theology, aesthetics, creativity and beauty.

Todd is an award-winning graphic designer who views artistic expression as a powerful vehicle for proclamation and prayer.

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"Thanksgiving Over the Water"

Water of Creation
Water of Promise
Waters of Grace

Featured Series: Images for the Lenten Pilgrimage

"The Way"

"To participate in beauty is to come into

   the presence of the Holy."  John O'Donnohue

Now more than ever, the Church needs artists

who can image the Word and open hearts and lives to beauty. The world needs poets, prophets and painters who can imagine the world made new.

As we gather to worship, we gather around the central signs, stories and symbols of our faith: a pool, a book, a table set with bread and cup. We gather around ordinary things which become for us holy washing, holy Word, and holy feast.  

We need those who can take ordinary things and create holy signs, symbols and spaces which invite us to see with transfigured eyes; which invite us into Holy Presence.

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